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Dr. Arthur Muncheryan, DDS

General Dentist


Dr. Muncheryan has been in practice for over 39 years in San Francisco, twenty-one of which have been here on Ocean Avenue. He began his career with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Irvine, and attained his Doctorate of Dental Sciences from the University of California, San Francisco in 1977. Dr. Muncheryan taught dentistry for over 20 years at UCSF with an emphasis in prosthodontics (bridges and denture construction, and full mouth restoration). As part of his teaching assignment, he was one of the lead instructors at the San Francisco General Hospital Family Dental Clinic, and taught all disciplines of dentistry, including restorative dentistry, root canals, prosthodontics, and periodontics (treatment of gum disease). His engaging style of communication won him many accolades from his students. He currently teaches dentistry two days per week at The University of the Pacific School of Dentistry.

Dr. Muncheryan has attended many post-graduate courses, with an emphasis on emergency care dentistry, endodontics (root canal treatments to save teeth), new dental materials and equipment, and implant dentistry. He has been a part of three different study clubs specializing in new concepts of implantology and implant prosthodontics, and he now works closely with several excellent surgeons who help place the implants.

One of the main goals of Dr. Muncheryan’s practice is to help his patients receive the best care possible. He does this by first listening to his patients’ needs and addressing each issue. Dr. Muncheryan’s practice is, first and foremost, based on preventive dentistry, helping patients to preserve the health of their teeth and gum tissues. In that respect, Dr. Muncheryan currently attends a monthly study group that emphasizes the best treatment plans for saving teeth by maintaining healthy gum tissue.

Your comfort is my primary concern.

Personal Interests

Dr. Muncheryan is married to his best friend, Rose, and together they have a wonderful son, Evan. His family spends time together traveling on fun weekend trips, going to concerts and plays, and helping Evan with his career goals. Dr. Muncheryan’s other interests include sports car racing and karting, writing a monthly column for The Wheel, skiing, mountain biking, and choral music.


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What People Are saying About Dr. MUNCHERYAN

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    From time to time, I suffer from anxiety about going to the dentist. Finally, I have found Dr. Muncheryan who I can only describe as a dental ninja.

    Emmie K.

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    Dr. Muncheryan is a great dentist. He was able to fix the bad crowns that I had from my previous dentist.

    Marty M.

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    I've been going to Dr. Muncheryan for over 14 years. He does the most gentle Novocaine injections since I HATE needles!

    Alice H.

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